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Staying true to yourself

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

My dreams are big (connecting people back to their heart/truth in a head driven society), but the way I want to get there is with ease and flow.

I got time, and I'm taking my time.

In fact, feeling relaxed and living with ease is one of my core values, that I want to embrace in every aspect of my life.

In my quest for finding the right path for me, quite a few people over the past months told me: I need to be more consistent in my output here on social media; I need to focus on one offer; I need to learn the latest marketing tricks; I need to define a specific niche; and I need to be willing to play the game of the insta algorithm if I want to get anywhere with my offerings.

And whilst these sure are helpful strategies, it’s not how I want to do it. Call me naive, but I have such a trust in what I have to offer and the impact it will have on people, that I have no doubt that it will be seen at some point. My offerings come straight from my heart, from having overcome much of my own suffering and from a place of good intentions, compassion and love. I trust that what I offer, will reach those that want it, in the right time.

That does not mean that I sit back and do nothing. It just means that I create when I am inspired, which is in fact pretty often and consistent, since I’m following my hearts calling. I share when something wants to express through me, rather than that I am pushing it out from a place of force and need.

Time will tell, if this way of working can also bring in enough revenue to get by at some point.

Sure is, I have to put a hell lot of trust in myself. When the world tells you or shows you how certain things should be done or else you’ll likely “not make it”, is a great way to see how strong your roots are: can you stay true to your values and vision amidst the noise?

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