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1-1 (outdoor) coaching

(English below)

Behoefte om de balans op te maken van je leven? Misschien ben je op een punt in je leven beland waar verandering noodzakelijk voelt. Sta je op een keerpunt, maar houdt "iets" je nog tegen om de stap te zetten? Of voel je je juist compleet richtingloos en mis je een anker?  Dit is een cruciaal moment waarop we samen kunnen onderzoeken hoe je jouw innerlijke kracht kunt benutten om de gewenste verandering in gang te zetten. 

In ons gezamenlijk avontuur gaan we dieper in op het maken van een balans in jouw leven. Als mens hebben we van nature de neiging naar evenwicht te streven, maar door allerlei interne en externe omstandigheden, raakt deze vaak genoeg zoek. Vanuit onbalans, is het uitdagend om helderheid en vertrouwen te voelen voor je pad.

Als jouw coach sta ik naast je terwijl we samen de uitdagingen die je tegenkomt onderzoeken en ontdekken welke stappen je kunt zetten om je doelen te bereiken. Laten we samen werken aan het navigeren door jouw unieke reis, met als focus het bereiken van balans en het vinden van voldoening in verschillende aspecten van jouw leven. Ik kijk ernaar uit om je te ondersteunen op jouw pad naar persoonlijke groei en welzijn.

English text  

Feeling the need to take stock of your life? Perhaps you've reached a point where change feels necessary. Are you at a crossroads, but something is holding you back? Or do you feel completely adrift, lacking an anchor? This is a crucial moment where we can explore together how to harness your inner strength to achieve the desired change and balance.

The goal of my coaching is to bring you back in touch with all parts of yourself (heart, body, mind), so that you can gain clarity on what your direction in life. My holistic approach – where conversations are combined with practices such as meditation, breath work and mindfulness – will help you regain your inner peace and generate new perspectives to move forward in life.


Various aspects of personal development can be explored during coaching:

  • Understanding and working through limiting beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back

  • Identifying and setting clear intentions and goals for your life

  • Learning tools and techniques for self-discovery and self-awareness

  • Developing a daily practice for mindfulness and self-care

  • Connecting you back to your heart, and start creating a life aligned with it

My core strengths are:

  • Guiding you to connect with your peaceful, relaxt and loving self that is always present beneath the monkey mind

  • Supporting big life changes, such as moving abroad or adapting to a new lifestyle

  • Motivating you to take yourself serious and stand up for your interests and values

  • Designing practical steps and cultivating healthy habits to achieve your desired life

  • Helping you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your desires, and opening you up to new perspectives and solutions

My coaching is not limited to the topics listed above. If you have a specific area you would like to focus on, please reach out to see if my methods are helpful for you.

Book a free discovery call to find out if this is exactly what you are looking for!


Hanna, journalist

I experienced our coaching sessions as very pleasant, and I always felt good afterwards. You gave me clear insights into my behaviour and patterns, and how to change them. The fact that I could reach out to you in between sessions, gave a feeling of support. 

Helga, police officer

I've done a couple of online mindfulness sessions with Hilde and she's given me excellent tools to relax and breathe. It was easy to follow her instructions, and I quickly relaxed and calmed my mind. Now when I have these rushing thoughts in my head again, I make use of the techniques Hilde taught me.  

Gözde, student

I was part of the one month Bloom program in which we learned to move beyond the mind; and tap into the wisdom and tranquility  of our hearts, our body and our soul. It helped me a lot. I  have a much more positive outlook on life. I finally stopped my negative self talk, and started 

appreciating myself.

Thank you, Hilde!

My coaching style

  • Holistic: Emotions, bodily sensations and intuition are just as important as an intellectual approach. Reconnecting body, mind and spirit is at the heart of my coaching. In our busy lifestyles, where we almost never 'switch off', you'll benefit immensely from practices that bring you beyond the monkey mind into a state of peace. 

  • Intuitive: I align my approach with what is needed in the moment, be it meditation, visualisation, practical assignments, constellation techniques or embodiment practices. Diving deeper into your inner world to arrive at what really matters to you, and from there create the life that you want.

  • Grounded & practical: I believe we are spiritual beings in a human body, and that we are far more capable of shaping our lives than many people believe to be true. Yet, meditating all day, does not get us from A to C. We cannot escape the practical day-to-day matters, and part of getting ahead in life is taking care of your finances, your health and your living situation. My approach is therefore no nonsense: I'll support you to create a road map to your goals, and you'll leave each coaching session with actionable steps to get ahead.

My background

Originally, I'm a trained social worker and political scientist. During my 3,5 years in a  management development program for the Dutch government, I further trained myself in meditation, mindfulness, communication, facilitation and leadership. In 2021, I completed a 10 month intensive education in Intuitive Coaching at IMC Human Development. An education in which regular coaching techniques are supplemented with Eastern methods, such as meditation, mindfulness, and chakra psychology. I'm also a certified hatha yoga teacher, and conducted the training close to Mysore in India. By now, I have created my own yoga style, which is very much intuitive, playful, light and incorporates reflection & gratitude practice as well. 

Coaching online

I conduct most of my coaching sessions online. Except if you are in the Netherlands, then we can meet live as well. Each session lasts around 60 minutes, usually on a 2 to 4 -week interval.

For an additional charge, and when possible, I am open to visit you abroad. In this way, we could do more intensive coaching in a shorter period of time, combined with a couple of online sessions.

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