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Weekly online yoga


My yoga offer


Yoga in nature

Nothing beats practicing yoga outdoors! Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun and wind on your skin, hearing the birds sing their song or the waves crash on the shore. The very essence of your humanity, a journey yoga facilitates exploring and experiencing, is intricately intertwined with the essence of nature itself. A state of being that is hard to describe, but something that touches me deeply. I hope to support others in experiencing that too.

My teaching style is down to earth, intuitive and an invitation to turn inwards and connect to your unique rhythm. The classes combine all kinds of yoga practices such as breathing techniques, meditation, asanas, core work and gratitude practice.

Want to give it a try? Your first class is for free! You can write me here, if you

wish to join.

Online group lessons

Sometimes, I also teach yoga online, so you can join from the comfort of your home. Here you can find current events: 

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Personalized Yoga Chair Sessions (1 on 1)

Yoga is truly for everyone!

If you have reduced mobility, are injured, out of practice, expecting a baby, or simply not at ease in regular yoga classes, consider joining me for a tailored half-hour chair yoga session. These sessions are one-on-one, customized to your unique needs and comfort level. Together, we don’t just work with the body; we embrace your emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts. Everything is welcomed and explored. These sessions serve as a gateway to understanding your deeper self. By acknowledging and accepting what you feel, you not only gain insights hidden within your emotions but also strip them of their power. The result? You feel lighter and more at peace. Through consistent practice, both mentally and physically, you'll notice an improvement in your overall well-being. Join me in this journey toward a healthier, lighter you.


>> Try out session: 30 minutes for 15 euros <<

Office yoga or yoga at your event?

Want to incorporate yoga at your event or organisation? Whether you're looking for chair yoga in the office, or a workshop at your festival, you can write me here to share your wishes, and I'll get back to you shortly.

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