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Weekly online yoga


My yoga offering



Weekly online drop-in yoga classes

Every Thursday night 19.30-20-30 we take a moment to slow down, enjoy a cozy self-care practice and connect to your unique rhythm, from the comfort of your home!

My teaching style is down to earth, intuitive and an invitation to turn inwards and connect to your unique rhythm.
The classes combine all kinds of yoga practices such as breathing techniques, meditation, asanas, core work and gratitude practice.

I work on a donation basis (paypal or tikkie), and your first class is for free! 

So grab your mat, light a candle, get cozy and drop in!

Experience Personalized Yoga Chair Sessions (1 on 1)

Yoga is truly for everyone!

If you have reduced mobility, are injured, out of practice, expecting a baby, or simply not at ease in regular yoga classes, consider joining me for a tailored half-hour chair yoga session. These sessions are one-on-one, customized to your unique needs and comfort level. Together, we don’t just work with the body; we embrace your emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts. Everything is welcomed and explored. These sessions serve as a gateway to understanding your deeper self. By acknowledging and accepting what you feel, you not only gain insights hidden within your emotions but also strip them of their power. The result? You feel lighter and more at peace. Through consistent practice, both mentally and physically, you'll notice an improvement in your overall well-being. Join me in this transformative journey toward a healthier, lighter you.

Try out session: 30 minutes for 15 euros.

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