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Life Beyond 9 to 5

left 9-5 to explore a more free, authentic life path

Have you ever felt there's more than the monotony of the traditional 9 to 5 life? Have you dreamed of breaking free from societal expectations to live a life that feels true to you?

A couple of years ago, I made the decision to do just that.

I quit my job, ended my rental contract and sold most of my belongings to embark, once again, on a journey with no clear destination, except for a deep longing to feel free. From the outside it probably looked like a typical millennial travelling. I have come to realise however, it has never been much about travelling. Rather it's been a journey of the soul: a quest for living a freer life and finding ways to contribute meaningfully to this world. If I wasn't bound to the obligations of work, paying bills and maintaining my social circle, what would I naturally long for? 

Now that I returned to a more regular lifestyle again, this quest for freedom continues (because hint: being totally "free" from obligations  is not freedom either). In my blog articles I go deeper into these different aspects of freedom, and what I have come to understand during my travels. As I observe,  experiment and peel off layer by layer what I am not, I embody more and more my true selfAnd that, to me, is real freedom. 


Many people, including myself, are struggling to find their place in this world. Living on auto-pilot, racing through the days, feeling tired and overwhelmed, and numbing ourselves with consumption, food, and social media. Is this how we want it to be? Imagine waking up with that inner spark, excited for what the day is about to bring. To feel peace, contentment and joy. That's what I'm here for.

Through my blog, podcast, and social media, I want to bring a taste of this world to you. Offering new perspectives on how we work, live, relate and create, showing what's possible beyond the ordinary. I hope my explorations will inspire you to create a life that feels more authentic, free, and fulfilling.​ If you'd like support on your journey, book a free session right here.

Are you ready to listen to your hearts calling?






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