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Chapter one: free bird alert!! 🔥🤪

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

I don't mean the free the nipple kind of freedom (although that is liberating too). I mean free on a mental, spiritual and physical level.

While I was roadtrippin' in Portugal, I made a BIG decision: I QUIT MY JOB! I left the golden cage. But not only that; I gave up on my house and most of my stuff is going to leave. That kind of freedom where you can completely start anew.

I've quit jobs before and turned my life upside down, but this time it was particularly hard. I've been rationalising against my feeling for such a long time and with such valid points, I even tricked myself. Yet feelings of dissatisfaction, unrest and doubts remained every single day for the last year. You just can't change the heart with your head. I feel this is such a big lesson for many of us.

And you know you've made the right decision when suddenly all of the fuzz in your head disappears and there's silence and peace and trust and so much freed up energy and a whole lot of love for life 💛

Cheers to 35 and feeling fucking alive🔥



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