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Freedom – what does it even mean?! Part 3: Embracing all of you

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Here you can read part 1 and part 2 about my exploration of what freedom means to me. Today, I'm highlighting an aspect of freedom that is particularly dear to me. Precisely because it's something so many of us struggle with. I feel a big part of becoming an adult is learning to love all of ourselves, including the darker/ less likeable parts. To learn to see and validate ourselves ánd to actively find the places and people where you feel like you can completely be yourselves.

Embracing all of you

Yessss, I love writing about this angle! Because woohaa what a journey it is to embrace all of ourselves, right? Isn't that a little funny? Why do we all come on earth being all insecure, scared of judgement, scared of being different, and rather hold ourselves small than to be seen — let alone to SHINE, and to be celebrated? Holy!

The lovely thing is: it is something you can totally work on. And, the capacity to love ourselves, for many, naturally grows as we age. We’ve seen most things before, we realise we don’t die from judgement, and in fact, find out that we keep the people in our lives that resonate and bring joy, just by being ourselves. It makes life so much easier, and so much more juicy: because everything that wants to express through you, can just flow. By being all of you, you naturally start feeling what does and does not align with you. And on top of that: we get to inspire others to do the same. Because have a look around; who do you admire the most? The one person that is just like everyone else, who is always blending into their environments, or the person that dares to stand out, and be themselves, despite the friction it might cause at times?

Okay, embracing all of you is easier said than done. I’m definitely not all the time in my ‘loving all of me - game’, but I have started to give much less fucks over the years and I can truly feel how liberating this is when you do not need to be liked or validated by others. When you can just shrug your shoulders when you feel them judging, and you just turn around smiling, because you are happy with who you are and how you show up in this world. Ah, the freedom!

A little funny side note: I know many perceive this different, but I feel social media can also help in this regard. Everyone nowadays gets the chance to step on stage, share what you feel, think, dream about, struggle with. Some find it narcissistic, a waste of time, or … you name it, but for me it felt really liberating to see social media as a playground: a place where I get to practice to regularly show up in whatever vibe I’m in, and own it! Anyone else who sees social media has its perks there?

Journal prompts

  • What would it feel like to fully embrace all of myself without judgment or shame?

  • What aspects of myself have I been hesitant to embrace, and why?

  • How can I create a safe and supportive environment for myself to explore and embrace all aspects of who I am?

  • What small steps can I take today to begin embracing all of myself and living more authentically?



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