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Going all in: go big or go home

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

This month I've made the biggest investment of my life ever: I got a coach for 6 months by my side to work on my health and live the lifestyle that serves my highest purpose. And I'm totally celebrating it!

Enough with the 3 day course here, new diet try out there - too small investments (both in terms of money and time) with no lasting impact. So now I put a shit ton of money ánd energy in one direction and going ALL IN!

Sure I know for a large part the lifestyle ingredients that work for me, but to have a sustainable healthy routine which is flexible enough to adapt to my nomadic lifestyle, has been a challenge.

And most importantly, I want to work with someone who really understands the female body. Since being part of the at least 50% (some studies even say 85%!) of females being sick monthly, and part of the 10% with adenomyosis/endometriosis, it's time I, and we as a society, take this serious. I wanna talk about this because there's still such a taboo on the female cycle. Like why the hell did I used to call my boss that I'm working from home bc a "plumber is coming by", when I'm actually dying on the couch?? 🤯

I realise more and more that it's not normal to so often lack the energy to do the things I love. And a whole lot is possible with the right foods, sports and routines. So I'm here to learn all about it and integrate it into my life... effortlessly (that's the goal at least 😁).

Feeling good and energetic is going be the new normal 😎

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