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Travel & keeping a healthy routine

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Being a fulltime nomad and keeping healthy routines has been tough!

With the letting go of my job and my house last year, I also let go of all structure. And when I say all, I really mean ALL structure; whether it's sleep, diet, sports, or any daily routines, they were non existent. And even though the floating around was so wonderfully freeing and made me live in the moment, it has also has been quite depleting.

Going all places, literally made me feel like being all over the place. It has started to show in my health a couple of months ago. And so it is time for a new chapter: to once again rebalance. Not going back to a life with steady job and house but also not one where I sleep every week in a different bed and eat whatever is available. Coming home to me again: living freely yet grounded in my own rhythm. Not sure yet how this will look like, but I'm here for the exploration.

Update 20 January:

Difficulty changing habits? Here's a different perspective:

This year I’ve been trying to change a few habits of mine that are not serving me. Even though I had support of a coach and I know deep to my core why I want to change these habits, I was not progressing much. And to my frustration, I couldn’t figure out why!

Until I had this realisation:

Unhealthy habits are often just symptoms of an unfulfilling life (not a cause!), and changing them without addressing the root cause is pointless. It’s very hard to change habits when you are fundamentally not living in alignment with your soul. The habits then become a distraction of a deep dissatisfaction within. This perspective changed everything for me.

I started to zoom out on my life and look at the areas where I wasn't aligned. I realised that certain environments made it easier to stick to healthy habits (like having easy access to nature), and that unhealthy habits became less of a problem when I felt more in alignment with my purpose.

So, next time you find yourself slipping back into old habits, take a step back and ask yourself, where are you off? Instead of focusing solely on changing habits, try to create supportive surroundings and create a life more aligned to your values.



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